Our simple 6-step process

There are several ways to create a website and and endless array of technologies to help. A website does not need to be complicated. It shouldn't be complicated. We have years of experience and a simplified 6 step process that involves clear communication with our clients every step of the way.

Step 1: We meet

Meet online or in person to discuss your goals, requirements and needs. We then communicate our suggestions and solutions. Any questions may be asked, and concerns will be resolved.

Step 2: Gather content

Gather or create content, imagery, logos or other branding materials, and create a basic sitemap for your approval.

Step 3: We design

Collect our first $50/month fee at this time and start the design process to provide you with a static or working visual 'proof' for review. We can have a proof ready within 2 weeks.

Step 4: We adjust

Make adjustments or design changes as required after review to receive approval for launch.

Step 5: We launch

Launch website live once approval has been made.

Step 6: We maintain

Maintain monthly updates as required.

How we create your website

The tools we use to create our websites change as technology changes. The technology chosen will depend on the clients requirements discussed in our initial meeting. Using carefully selected responsive templates, pre-designed page blocks and our custom design skills we are able to create what you need.

The most important thing to know is that we will choose the right technology for you and if one day it doesn't suit your needs, we will re-build your website with one that does.

Your website features

Because we use responsive design, an important feature will be that they can be viewed easily by desktop, tablets and mobile browsers. Your one website will adapt to the screen size of each device viewing it. This is not only a useful feature, but a necessary one. Since April 2015, google announced it will rank responsive websites higher then the competition who's sites are not responsive.

Some of the basic features of our websites can include slideshow banners, calendars, videos, photo galleries and contact forms. Any advanced features that may require a database or collection of information can be discussed and may require additional fees.

Our Conditions

The website we create for as little as $50/month are for informative websites between 1-6 pages. The billing period will begin before we start the design process. Once the site is launched, monthly revisions will be included but they do need to be reasonable (no complete re-designs or additions of advanced features) and up to our discretion. Revisions will be dealt with case by case and may require additional costs for new features or upgrades.

New features and upgrades could include anything that requires a database, or a back end programmer. We will communicate and receive approval beforehand if anything costs extra before starting.

Get your website professionally designed and online from only $50/month.
With an easy setup and no long-term contracts we are the most cost effective solution on the web.

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